4 Microwave Essentials

Having the right kitchen utensils available when your cooking with your microwave oven will make life much easier and can release more valuable time to be able to do the things that you really love.

1; Microwave splatter screens are widely available, but not widely used. Unfortunately most of us would rather spend time scrubbing off dried out and welded on food residues than invest a small amount of money in a product that will save hours of our precious time over the period of a year. There are only a few microwave splatter screens on the market, but they really do perform a great function. Most microwave screens have breather holes in them or are just a mesh, this eliminates build ups of steam which occur when using microwave wrap and can cause very serious scolds or burns lg stove and oven repair pasadena.

2; When removing any foods from your microwave oven it will extremely hot and caution should always be taken to make sure that you do not burn yourself.
This is where a good pair of thick oven gloves are essential more especially if you have been heating liquids. As with the microwave screens these do not have to cost a great deal but can save you from harm.

3; Cooking with your microwave is sometimes a hit and miss thing, especially when your trying a new recipe or just learning how and what can be cooked in the microwave or how long it takes to cook particular item. The main priority is to make sure that the food is cooked properly and the best way to do this is to use a temperature probe to check the foods internal temperature. There are some great magnetic ones available that just clamp to the side of your microwave and are ideal for counter top microwave ovens.

4; All food that has been cooked in a microwave oven continues cooking for a few minutes after it has been removed from the microwave. This means that the food will continue heating up and generating more heat. Putting it on a work surface might well cause the surface to become marked or damaged beyond repair. There are a great number of silicone mats on the market which will protect any surface when hot products are put on them. There is large range of colours, which will blend well in any kitchen.

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